About Us

Carolina Drug is a family owned local independent pharmacy located in Archdale, North Carolina.  We were established in 2009 and in 2018 we moved to our current location, 10907 North Main Street, across from the Pioneer Family Restaurant.  We are a full service pharmacy and we offer DME and Pet Medications as well.   We have a convenient drive-thru for our customers to use.  Our goal is to offer great prices and unmatched customer service.  We don’t see our staff as employees but more as family and we want our customers to feel like family too.  We hope that we can serve your as your families pharmacy and fill your DME needs as we continue to grow.

Our Staff:

Dennis Nguyen, PharmD: Dennis is the Pharmacist in Charge her at Carolina Drug and is a graduate of Wingate School of Pharmacy.

Betty Carter, RPh: Betty is co-owner of Carolina Drug and a graduate of UNC School of Pharmacy.  Betty retired in 2018.

David Carter: David is a co-owner and the store manager.  He is a graduate of N.C. State.  He also handles our online store.  

Janie Allen: Janie is a certified pharmacy technician and lead technician.  She is a graduate of Elon College and has been with us since 2016.

Aaron Wolfe: Aaron is a certified technician and comes to us after several years of working on pharmacy. 

Nathan Shortt: Nathan is a certified pharmacy technician and cashier here at Carolina Drug.  

Halia Truong: Halia is a technician and cashier here at Carolina Drug.